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[ Sim ] means this is a simulation and NOT a dynamic working feature (such as would be found in a dedicated GDPR plugin).

In other words, this is static content.

Two popups are linked to this page:

  1. GDPR Cookie Popup [Sim]: this popup opens every time you load this page. You can de-activate that behaviour by editing the popup’s trigger conditions.
  2. GDPR Privacy Settings [Sim]: this popup is triggered when you click on the Unsubscribis button.

Ways to use this layout :

  • option 1: just edit this page, then delete this block
  • option 2: copy and paste each section to the new page
  • option 3:
    1. save this whole page as a template by clicking on the arrow to the right of the Update button
    2. click on “Save as Template” and name it accordingly.
    3. create a new page, then click on Edit with Elementor
    4. in Elementor editing mode, click on the folder icon to add a new section, then go to the My Templates tab in the popup window, and insert the template you previously saved.
    5. delete this block
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